MMH: Multi Memo Home

MultiMemoHome was an EPSRC funded research project investigating multimodal reminder systems for the home. It ran between October 2009 and March 2013. We investigated the performance of, and preferences for, different modalities of reminder output (speech, audio, tactile, olfactory) and the usability, acceptability and user experience of reminder systems designed for older adults at home.

Project Partners

The project was led by Professor Stephen Brewster and Professor Steve Renals (University of Edinburgh). The lead co-investigators were Dr Marilyn McGee-Lennon (University of Glasgow) and Dr Maria Wolters (University of Edinburgh). The project had two computing science PhD students: David Warnock at University of Glasgow and Karl Isaac at University of Edinburgh.

Dr Julie Williamson and Euan Freeman also worked as RAs on the project and MMH also generated lots of great student projects (including Musicons, Interactive Tables in the Home, and Digital Pen-and-Paper Reminders).

For more information, see the MMH project website: